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10 Things An Infusionsoft Virtual Assistant Can Do For You

While I personally think that every Infusionsoft customer should know at least a little bit about the software, I also think that most – if not all – Infusionsoft customers could use the support of a Virtual Assistant to take care of the very import, albeit ticky-tack, things that need to get done in the app on a regular basis.

Here are 10 things an Infusionsoft Virtual Assistant (VA) can to do for you (in no particular order):

Prep Broadcasts Emails – Do you send out a weekly or monthly email to your list? A newsletter, perhaps? Your Infusionsoft VA can prep the copy in your email template, test it to make sure it “works” and schedule it as a broadcast for you.

Implement campaigns in Campaign Builder – While an Infusionsoft VA might not know how to work through strategy with you and build the framework for a campaign, they can definitely “bring the campaign to life” by pulling in tags, emails, tasks, and anything else that needs to be implemented in the icons on the campaign builder canvas. Once a campaign is implemented, make sure your VA tests it to ensure it runs properly.

Import Contacts – You have just returned from a networking event with a stack of business cards for people that told you they want to receive marketing follow ups from you. Or, you just spent a weekend at a trade show and now have a fish bowl full of contact information from people that indicated they would like to be followed up with. Your Infusionsoft VA can put together a spreadsheet with this information, import it into Infusionsoft and tag it appropriately.

Data Cleanup – Adding new contacts at the speed of light via web forms and landing pages you have online, manual entry, product purchases and more. Your Infusionsoft VA can do a Data Cleanup for you on a regular basis to merge duplicate records that are inevitably created.

Set up and manage eCommerce – This is technically 2 things that an Infusionsoft VA can handle for you so consider this a bonus “thing”! There are lots of steps to setting up your eCommerce to suit your needs including set up of a shopping cart and/or order form theme(s), integrating a merchant account and/or Paypal, setting up products, promo codes, and more. Then, once everything is set up, it needs to be implemented: product links added to websites, price changes, program changes, and so on.

Set up and manage Affiliate Program – This is also technically 2 things! Setting up an affiliate program, setting up a system for people to become affiliates manually or automatically, assigning commission programs to products, linking those to the correct affiliates, setting up the “Affiliate Center” with useful info for your Affiliates to access, and so on. Once everything is set up, there is management – namely in the areas of customer service – affiliates often need help finding their tracking links, and getting commissions ready to process.

Run Reports – There are a wealth of reports that can be run from Infusionsoft. Further, many saved searches can make for good reporting. Your Infusionsoft VA can help you decide which reports you need/want to see, set up those reports to run, and even put those reports on your Infusionsoft Dashboard so that you see them when you log in.

Manage CustomerHub – CustomerHub is a user friendly system, but there is typically some customer service that needs to happen when you have a CustomerHub site. People forget their password, can’t log in, aren’t sure what to do once they log in, and more.

Research 3 party software add ons – Infusionsoft does a lot on its own, but it can do a lot more with the aid of 3rd party add ons. The Infusionsoft Marketplace has a wealth of information about plug ins, and your Infusionsoft VA can help you pick the tools that will help you do what you are trying to do.

Keep up on updates – Infusionsoft has a major software update 2x per year. There are also minor updates as needed. Things are always growing and changing with the software (in a good way!) and having an Infusionsoft VA on your team can help you keep up with the latest and greatest.

Can you imagine how much more TIME you would have to do other stuff if you didn’t have to worry about prepping and keeping a close eye on these important things?

Questions? Comments? What do you think about delegating these areas to a VA? Are you ready to add an Infusionsoft VA to your team? Do you work with an Infusionsoft VA? Share below!

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  1. Debbie
    Debbie says:

    Jess, that’s a good list. I think many business owners know they need a VA but don’t know where to start. Just this list can keep a VA busy on a 5 to 10 hour a month retainer – depending on how much they’re willing to delegate.

  2. Jessica
    Jessica says:

    Thanks, Deb! Yes, this could easily equate to several efficient business systems for an Infusionsoft customer and a few hours of retainer work for an Infusionsoft VA! 🙂

  3. Jessica
    Jessica says:

    Thanks for your comment, Jan! Love that you love Infusionsoft. You are in a unique position to offer Infusionsoft up as a solution to your clients when you sense it’s a good fit/what’s next based on your experience in the software and your experience with their businesses. Three cheers for Infusionsoft VAs! 🙂

  4. Lara
    Lara says:

    Thanks, Jessica, for creating this list! As an IS VA, my clients are not always sure what tasks they can hand over to me to implement. This helps clarify how I can work with them and save them time in the process.

  5. Jessica
    Jessica says:

    Thanks for your comment, Lara! I am so happy that Infusionsoft VAs are chiming in here. Customers are always asking for VA referrals…here they are, friends! 🙂

  6. Ann-Marie Sampson
    Ann-Marie Sampson says:

    Hi Jessica!
    I’m a VA currently learning how to use Infusionsoft. I find your blog posts very interesting and useful. I think it’s amazing how you come up with so much great stuff so often! Keep it coming!
    Sometimes I find it a bit overwhelming and want to just give up and then I read your posts and think ‘great things can come of this, keep going’.
    Thanks so much!

  7. Janet
    Janet says:

    Great post, as an infusionsoft VA this will help me show my clients just how much they can delegate in this platform.

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