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Realtors®: Admitting When It’s Quitting Time

I have held a real estate sales license in the State of Wisconsin since 1994 and I worked from 2001 to 2004 trying to make a go of a career in residential real estate sales. I mean, I really tried. I had a cubicle at the Broker’s office, sign riders with my name and phone […]

Making The Slightest Shift For The Biggest Gain

In business, it’s so common to be so close, yet so so far from massive, unabashed success. Of course, success means very different things to different people, but I am talking about an interpretation that is widely accepted among business owners: being profitable. Very profitable, as a matter of fact.  One of my favorite parts of my […]


T.E.A.M.: 4 Simple Steps For Understanding Delegation

I often chat with business owners about what delegation is all about. We all know what delegation means, technically. But business owners – particularly small business owners – have a hard time understanding what delegation really means for their business. It makes complete sense that small business owners are reluctant to delegate. Generally they have […]

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5 Simple Steps For Finding A Job Through Networking

Finding a job is rarely an easy process, and these days it sometimes feels downright impossible. While traditional methods such as answering a classified ad, visiting locations with “help wanted” in the window and checking online job listings certainly yield results for some people, these avenues often produce hundreds of equally qualified applicants and it […]

See A Need, Fill A Need

For the last 2 years I have created a vision board and posted it in my office. Last year’s vision board was freakishly accurate (most goals achieved!) so I was more than happy to create another board for this year. I love words, so most of my visualization is through words vs. pictures. Rather than […]

Don’t Just Follow The Leaders

This is an article written by my friend Amy Kinnaird. I read it and thought it would be great to post here – and she kindly gave me permission! Enjoy… If you are reading this article, you probably are following a number of other successful women business owners. You may be getting a lot of ezines each […]

In Business: Know Your (Marketing) Numbers

I have not always “known my numbers” in my business. Overall, my busiess (and all businesses) are healthier when we know our numbers. There are a lot of numbers to keep track of in business, and I would like to focus on the numbers you are not expecting me to write about (a typical “know […]

Social Media For VA Marketing

I just wrote a post about my feeling about marketing your Virtual Assistance business via Craigslist (I’m not a fan of the idea). For those that are new to researching the industry and how to market a VA business, I want to be clear that marketing online is a very viable option for starting a […]

Craigslist For VA Marketing

I talk to Virtual Assistants and aspiring VAs who look for potential client opportunities on Craigslist. I cringe when I hear this. If there are success stories out there (VAs finding ideal clients on on CL), I would love to hear about them. The only Craigslist success stories I know of involve finding a great […]

Launch Your VA Business Teleclass – Registration Open!

I have put the finishing touches on the curriculum for the next LIVE session of my teleclass titled: Launch Your Virtual Assistant Business In 30 Days (OR LESS!) and registration is now open! I don’t offer this class in its live version often so it’s important to register if you are ready to open your […]