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Permission Based Marketing

I have held a real estate license for many years. My contact information has been included in many private real estate databases (such as the Multiple Listing Service) over the years. To this day it never ceases to amaze me that I continue to receive marketing emails geared to the real estate industry. Somehow, these organizations get my email address and randomly – and without permission – email me marketing information. In this situation, these “other” organizations NEVER had my permission to send me marketing emails.

Another example is an online parenting forum that I joined a few years ago. Recently, out of the blue, I began receiving DAILY marketing emails from this organization. My little guy is 6 years old now and I don’t lean on parenting forums like I did years ago so about a month ago I opted out of the emails. To this day I continue to receive DAILY marketing emails from this organization. The opt out at the bottom of their emails is completely useless and disregarded.

There are instances when we receive traditional spam – email we never asked for. There are other times when we receive emails that we no longer want to receive and have requested such – this is now spam too.

As business owners, it’s critical that we only practice permission based marketing. When we send email marketing to recipients that don’t wish to receive our marketing – and in some cases don’t even know us – we are wasting time and money and risking our professional reputation.


Do You have a 3D Marketing Plan?

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Using QR Codes In Your Business

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