It’s Time To Get Back On The Horse

We meet the business owners that are Infusionsoft-user all stars online all the time. Of course – success stories are what we most want to model (hopefully). However, there is a large segment of Infusionsoft customers that are either not using the software to it’s fullest potential or… …not using the software at all. There […]

Who Is Your Ideal Client?

Clarity makes business (and life!) a lot easier to manage. One way to gain clarity in business is to get very clear on who your ideal customer is. This past week I spoke with my colleague, Kerry Cassone. We were talking about Infusionsoft and the importance of quality copy writing. Kerry shared with me an […]

Training The Expectation

I am a super fan of Bob Burg – author of The Go-Giver and other great books – fiction and non. Bob does a most excellent job of engaging with his fans and colleagues online. Today, he posted a blog post from a colleague of his that contained the following quote: What are you teaching […]


Small Business Owners In 2012: Get It Together

I was recently at a coffee shop and I encountered a group of women participating in Mary Kay Cosmetics sales training. There was a presentation leader and clearly everyone was new to the business because she was walking them through how she conducts herself at a home party. As someone that loves marketing and loves […]

Infusionsoft’s Spring Release Is Really-Really Here (Finally!)

I do not take it for granted that I was able to access the major software update that Infusionsoft rolled out over a month ago. As an Infusionsoft Certified Consultant it was necessary to get acquainted with the updates ASAP so we could be of service to customers beginning at Infusioncon when the updates first […]


Consider Me A Resource!

I love (love!) talking about Infusionsoft with people. Clients, potential clients, Infusionsoft users, potential users – it really doesn’t matter to me. If we share a common interest in Infusionsoft and more broadly in marketing automation, we can chat for a long while. I have a little statement that I usually begin or end these […]


Infusioncon 2012 – Recap!

I’m on my way home (literally flying over Colorado as I type) from Infusioncon 2012 (#ICON12) and can’t wait to share my highlight reel with you. Primarily because there was so much great content (which included a little thing called a major software release) and also so you can mark your calendar for #ICON13 NOW! […]