It’s Time To Get Back On The Horse

We meet the business owners that are Infusionsoft-user all stars online all the time. Of course – success stories are what we most want to model (hopefully). However, there is a large segment of Infusionsoft customers that are either not using the software to it’s fullest potential or… …not using the software at all. There […]

Who Is Your Ideal Client?

Clarity makes business (and life!) a lot easier to manage. One way to gain clarity in business is to get very clear on who your ideal customer is. This past week I spoke with my colleague, Kerry Cassone. We were talking about Infusionsoft and the importance of quality copy writing. Kerry shared with me an […]

Training The Expectation

I am a super fan of Bob Burg – author of The Go-Giver and other great books – fiction and non. Bob does a most excellent job of engaging with his fans and colleagues online. Today, he posted a blog post from a colleague of his that contained the following quote: What are you teaching […]


Consider Me A Resource!

I love (love!) talking about Infusionsoft with people. Clients, potential clients, Infusionsoft users, potential users – it really doesn’t matter to me. If we share a common interest in Infusionsoft and more broadly in marketing automation, we can chat for a long while. I have a little statement that I usually begin or end these […]