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3 Reasons Why You Should Not Use More Than One Email Marketing Software At A Time

It’s very common that I will work with businesses who want to “get back on the horse” with their email marketing and marketing automation in general. Their email marketing software is collecting dust (figuratively speaking) and they want to get back in the marketing automation game so they can do more, make more, and often work less as a result.

It’s also very common that when I am working through the steps to get things up and rolling again I discover the business is actively using another email marketing software to send “e-blasts” to their list whenever the spirit moves them. So here is a common example:

Business has an Infusionsoft account and is not regularly using it and then also has a MailChimp account and somewhat regularly uses it.

You might be thinking: Duh, why swing back to Infusionsoft? MailChimp is so much cheaper! Yes, MailChimp is cheaper to keep but Infusionsoft and MailChimp are apples and oranges. MailChimp can do 1-2 things that Infusionsoft can do and then there is a long list of things you can’t do in MailChimp that you can do in Infusionsoft. But this isn’t an Infusionsoft vs. MailChimp post. This is a “3 reasons why you don’t want to have 2 email marketing softwares running at the same time” post. So, let’s continue…

Here are 3 issues created by using multiple email marketing softwares (at the same time):

Managing opt ins – Someone new joins your list by completing the pop up on your website. That pop up is integrated with Infusionsoft so they have been added to your Infusionsoft contacts. When you send your next e-blast from MailChimp, the new people on your list won’t get it.

On the flip, you have the pop up integrated with MailChimp. You turn the lights back on on your Infusionsoft account and start using it for emails and other automation. The new people on your list will not be part of the marketing party.

Managing opt outs – Someone receives your e-blast from MailChimp and unsubscribes. Now you switch back over to Infusionsoft for your emails. If that person who unsubscribed in MailChimp is in your Infusionsoft database, you are going to email them because Infusionsoft doesn’t know not to email them. They will likely unsubscribe again. And this time they will likely hit the spam button on their way out the door. I know I would!

Managing list vs. database opt outs – MailChimp and Infusionsoft handle opt outs differently. When you opt out from a MailChimp email you are removed from that particular LIST you are on in the sender’s MailChimp account. You still may get emails from the sender if they have you on multiple LISTS in MailChimp (they likely do). In Infusionsoft, for the most part, when you unsubscribe you unsubscribe. Not totally accurate – you can build in a little bit of list-like functionality using a custom Unsubscribe link – but most people do not. That’s why when you opt out of an email sent via Infusionsoft you are not usually bugged by that sender again.

Why does this make the list? Because if you try to reboot Infusionsoft and as part of the reboot you pull up stakes with MailChimp, how do you know who is marketable and who isn’t? Someone wants to receive x but not y. How do you ensure you do not accidentally send out y to that person? All do’able, but A LOT to think about and manage on a regular basis. No thanks.

Let’s be clear about a few things:

This is not a post that poo poos moving from one software to another. That’s the norm! What this is about is not having the lights on in more than one email marketing software at the same time – it’s a lot of work to keep straight and frankly impossible without additional software.

That brings me to my next point…

Sometimes businesses need to have more than one email marketing software running at the same time. When this is the case, you will want to set up something like Zapier to update the other system(s) as needed. But this is the exception and not the norm. Most businesses who have multiple systems running are doing so because they gave up on the software that’s collecting dust and are treading marketing water with the other software.

Finally, Infusionsoft and MailChimp are simply common examples to illustrate a common mistake that business owners make with their marketing. This can happen with ANY software combo. As a general rule, do yourself a favor and just don’t go there!

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