3 Reasons Why An Online Scheduling Software Is A Must For Every Business Owner

If you’re pretty good at what you do, people may will ask for your time. They will email you and ask for a meeting. They will email you and suggest you meet for coffee. They may cold call you to see if you “just have a minute”. An online scheduling software is the solution to fielding these requests. Here’s why:

Some hoops are a good thing. I can’t tell you how often I send out a scheduling link in response to a request for a meeting with me and then no meeting is ever scheduled. It’s easy to ask. It takes work to click a link, pick a date and time, and commit to showing up at a later date. We’re not talking cement finishing work here – but a little effort. And you will find many people are not interested in putting in the effort.

You will have “more time”. While there is no such thing as more time, when you set up online scheduling for yourself, you control the schedule. Don’t want to take calls before noon or after 2pm or on Fridays? Cool – block your time accordingly. You have created more time to do other things than be in meetings – and that’s “more time” in my book!

You will make more money. If you decide to have a link with free 15 minute time slots for whatever reason, that’s your decision. But otherwise, securing time on your schedule should not be free. When you put this into practice three things will happen:

  • Fewer people will schedule. What? You’re time isn’t free? Forget it then! 
  • People who do schedule are more apt to show up and use the time wisely. I’m paying for this so let’s get down to business!
  • You will be compensated for your time. Duh, right?! 

There are oodles of options for an online scheduling software and I personally use Calendly because it’s wildly inexpensive, easy to use, and looks great! I integrate it with my marketing software as needed using Zapier.

I know there is someone reading this and thinking: I have much more sophisticated scheduling needs than Calendly can handle, Jessica. Mmm, maybe/maybe not. Either way, pick whatever scheduling software you want. Just make sure you’re using one in your business!

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