3 Reasons Why You Must Make Time For Marketing

You’re busy. I know. Or I should say:

Oh, you’re the busy business owner! I’ve been looking all over for you because you’re the only one. You’re like a unicorn – so rare!

If that statement stings, I’m sorry. I know that if you are someone who thinks you’re always busy and tells everyone about it, you believe it and you feel it and I don’t mean to squash what you’re positive is true. It IS true, as a matter of fact. But news flash: we’re all busy. And when we get busy, things often are put on hold. In our personal lives it’s often health and wellness and sometimes even time with our family. In business, it’s often our marketing efforts. This is very risky and must be avoided at all costs. Why? Many reasons – here are 3:

The Sisyphus Method Stinks

In Greek mythology, Sisyphus spends his life rolling a huge boulder uphill. When we market our business in fits and starts, it’s like rolling a boulder uphill. It’s hard, it’s inefficient, overall it sucks. Consistency is the solution and if you create a marketing plan and then follow it (even if this means hiring someone to run the marketing show for you), you will no longer have to experience this in your life.

Your Online (and Offline) Reputation Will Be At Risk

When you’re not consistently marketing, all of your online assets just sit frozen in time. Is there anything less interesting than an out of date blog? The information may be awesome and timeless but people see the date of the last post and stop listening. Unless the post is for brownies or cookies. I will accept as Gospel any recipe for GOOD brownies or cookies regardless of how long ago the post appeared online. But, most of us are not in the brownie or cookie business so we need to keep things timely and fresh.

Your Competitors Will Pass You By

I went back and forth on using the word competitor to make this point because I actually don’t believe in competition in business. I believe that every business has it’s own secret sauce that will resonate with more customers than it can handle. However, I am not naive and I know that other people in your market can pass you by and get the attention of your customers simply by out working you. In this case, out working is as simple as staying on point and plan with marketing. It can happen. It does happen. It will happen if you’re not careful.

The idea for this blog post came to me recently as I observed and reflected on my own business. I have loads of projects and they all require my time and attention for all of the obvious reasons. But this year I want to speak to groups more than I ever have in addition to working on my projects. This requires creating another marketing plan that promotes this added focus. But, there are no more hours in the day and I have managed to use the hours I do have surfing the Internet working on projects. So, I have two choices:

Door Number 1: Make the time to make the marketing plan. Then take the plan and work the plan.


Door Number 2: Do nothing and have the same business a month, year, decade from now. That would be ok, actually – I love this consulting business I’ve got. But I have more to do in this world – and I bet you do too. So…we’ll take what’s behind door number 1, Monty!

What Are We Doing Here?

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