3 Things Your Business Needs To Be Successful

I recently read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo. I liked it and recommend – although I will give you a heads up that it takes organizing to the extreme (thanking the holiday cards you received throughout December before throwing them away and talking to your socks, as examples). Also, it’s important to note my biggest takeaways from this book had nothing to do with organizing my house. Yes, I did haul 5+ bags of my stuff to Goodwill as a result but the book’s impact on me was different/more/bigger and it’s those takeaways that I think are perfect for a business blog post. Here are 3 things your marketing needs if you want to build/maintain a successful business:

You need a plan.

I think we all like the idea of a plan. But many of us struggle to sit still and create this plan that we think so highly of. But I will tell you what: it’s the only way things actually happen in business (and life). I often use preparing for a 5K (or 10K or whatever) as an example to illustrate this point. There is a reason why Couch to 5K works amazingly well for just about everyone – it’s a plan for successfully running a 5K!

Think about what will help you put a plan together – hire a coach, join a mastermind, create an accountability group – whatever. Just make sure it’s something that you will actually do so your plan is created.

You need to take action on your plan.

Creating a plan is only half of the fun – you have to take action on your plan too! This is tough for many people. Many people actually collect plans. Think about any business conference you have attended. You always leave with a PLAN. But then how often to you take action on your plan? Only a fraction of the time – if ever.

Taking action on a plan is tough – but it’s a requirement if you want your business to be successful. Think about what will help you take action on your plan – hire a coach, join a mastermind, create an accountability group, remove Facebook from your phone so you spend your spare time taking action on your plan rather than surfing the news feed…whatever works!

I had lightbulb moments on the above two ideas when I read Marie Kondo’s book. She states that she encounters 3 types of people in her work as a professional organizer: People who plan and take no action, people who take action and have no plan, and people who have no plan and take no action. It’s the exact same thing with business.

Now, for the third tip:

People have to be buying what you’re selling.

Yes, there are pie-in-the sky ideas that work. Yes, you have to start somewhere so at first no one will be buying what YOU specifically are selling. But know this: You can plan and you can take action but if no one is buying what you’re selling sooner than later, your business just will not fly. I have encountered many businesses over the years with no revenue path. I can’t help a business that has no revenue path. No one can. The Sharks on Shark Tank kick people out of the room all the time for this very reason. People have to be buying what you’re selling – consider this the secret sauce in this formula.

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