5 Easy Ways To Increase Your Income Using Resources You Already Have

If you have been in business any amount of time you know that it’s a lot of hard work. The planning, the marketing, the networking, the prospecting, the nurturing, the closing, and then doing it all over again. And again. And again. I’m here to remind you (because I think we all know this yet we all regularly forget it) that there are 5 easy ways to increase your income using resources you already have. Here they are – in no particular order:

Sell more of the same to your past and existing customers.

If you sell products, sell more products to your customers. If you sell a pricey product or a product that people truly don’t need more than one of, time it correctly and sell them another round of your product when the useful life of your product is likely up. Don’t assume anything, by the way. I can’t buy enough pairs of Ugg boots and when there is a good deal on a color I like, I buy them – and I can assure you I don’t need another pair. I do the same with Crocs (don’t judge!). Crocs is savvy enough to have figured it out and sends me a coupon shortly after I buy so I buy again. And again. And again. CVS does the same thing. So does Target. And Orvis. And Barnes and Noble. You get the picture.

If you sell time, package 5+ hours rather than selling 1 hour at a time.  Even if you give a price break on 5 hours it’s worth it when you do the math.

If you sell services, make sure you are following up to sell more of your services. If I need my house power washed, it’s highly likely I will need it done again when it gets mossy again. Same with carpet cleaning. And house cleaning. And photography. And so on.

Upsell your past and existing customers.

Back to my Uggs. Uggs now come scotch guarded to help with water stains. You can bet I paid extra for this bell and whistle. Take the airlines. I was checking in the other day for a flight and I paid for a seat upgrade so I could get off the plane sooner – row 7 moves sooner than row 24, friends! You might be reading these examples and thinking: This is insane! Nope, these are upsells and people bite on them every minute of the day!

Cross sell to your past and existing customers.

My husband gets a kick out of Amazon’s cross selling emails. “Since you bought paper, here’s a great pen!”. If you’re an attorney and you practice more than one type of law there is a very good chance you can cross sell your other services to your clients. If you’re a Realtor and you sell someone a house, chances are you can sell them another one someday (and list the one you originally sold them so you can sell it again to someone else!).

Ask your past and existing customers for referrals.

Your clients and customers will joyfully send you referrals – all you have to do is ask! Even if you ask 100 people and only get 1, that’s 1 more client that was handed to you by another happy customer. Chances are very good that you will get more than one – as Effie Trinket says in The Hunger Games: May the odds be ever in your favor!

Ask your current and past customers for reviews and share them publicly (with permission).

Your satisfied clients and customers will also joyfully give you a rave review if you ask for it. Take those positive vibes and share them with the world. It’s not bragging – it’s social proof to help the rest of us make confident buying decisions. Reviews are my best friend when planning travel using AirB&B and TripAdvisor!

Now, here’s some exciting news about all this…you can automate all of these things! Yes it will take some planning and yes it will take some implementation. But seriously, it will require WAY less work than networking, prospecting, nurturing, and closing new customers again and again and again.

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