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Announcing: Infusionsoft Mobile!


Is this an exciting week for new Infusionsoft resources, or what? On Monday we announced MCg University. Yesterday, Infusionsoft released the highly anticipated mobile app called Infusionsoft Mobile. What will be next?

Infusionsoft Mobile is a basic mobile application which makes it easy to use (yay!) and it allows you to do several things via your mobile devices such as:

  • Add a Contact to your Infusionsoft app from your mobile device or tablet
  • Edit Contact information from your mobile device
  • Add tags to a Contact (yes, this can start/stop campaigns!)
  • Add Notes to the Person Notes section of a Contact record – this spot in the app:

person notes

  • One click to call or text
  • Map out an address in the Contact record

Ready to download the app and start using it? Here is what you need to do:

  • Go into the app store on your device – it will be the Android (Google) store or the iTunes store.
  • Search “Infusionsoft”
  • You should see the Snap App and the Mobile App in the search results.
  • Click and install the mobile app.
  • Start using it!

Once you download it, let us know in the Comments below what you think of it!



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  1. Lewis Yildirimturk
    Lewis Yildirimturk says:

    Thanks so much Jessica. I just learned that IFS has published the iPhone app from you.
    I am a customer of IFS and registered to get a notice as soon as they publish their mobile app but I have not got any email or SMS text from infusionsoft. I guess their own automation did not work this time:-). (I checked my spam folder and nothing was from IFS there either)

    That is why I really appreciate you taking the time to write about it and sending us the news,
    take care,

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