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Behind The Curtain – How A VA Business Is Profitable

Business owners and aspiring Virtual Assistants alike frequently ask me how a VA business can be a profitable business model. I’m thrilled when people ask this question because I love to explain how businesses “work”. Also, I think it’s critical that people considering launching a VA business consider sustainability before investing time, energy and resources. […]


So You Want To Be A Virtual Assistant

This post was updated on November 4, 2017 I was a Virtual Assistant for over 5 years. I think hiring a VA is a great idea for many businesses and I also think (know!) it’s a great business model to consider if you want to be self employed and provide administrative support to small business […]



This post was revised on November 4, 2017… I talk to business owners every day about areas in business that they should be handing off to someone else to handle for them (i.e. delegating) and when I illustrate how doing so saves time and money, no one disagrees. However, the percentage of business owners that […]