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How To Bend The Duplicate Checking Rules In Infusionsoft

When a door closes, open a window.

If you have spent any time using Infusionsoft you have run a duplicate check of your contact records via Admin => Data Cleanup => Check For Duplicate Contact Records. And you have encountered this list of rule combos:

…and you hated all of the options. Hate is a strong word. Perhaps you didn’t hate them. Well, yes you did. But anyway, the combos didn’t work for the data that you had to work with. Example:

Only having a phone number. Nothing else. How would you dup check that list based on the options above?

Well, I was handed that exact challenge recently and I figured out a solution that I will share with you all today. This might not be exactly the same issue you are having – maybe phone number is not the data you have and you instead have some other data that is not fitting into the dup check options – but if you take in the concept of what I did to manipulate the data to fit into the dup check rule box, you will likely solve your challenges too.

Step 1

Review the data, review the rule combos, figure out where you can put data temporarily to trigger the dup. In my case, putting the phone number in the first name field, the last name field and the phone number field (where it belonged!) would trigger the dup. So, I created 2 new columns in my csv, copy/pasted the phone data into both columns and titled one column first name and the other one last name.

Step 2

Import the data. Match everything on your spreadsheet up as usual. Match First Name to First Name and Last Name to Last Name. And everything else. Yes, you will have a phone number in the first name field and the last name field in Infusionsoft, but we will clear that out before this adventure is complete.

Step 3

Run the duplicate check. I was able to use this combo:

Step 4

Merge your dups. You can do this one by one or a mass merge. Select the option that works best for you via Admin => Data Cleanup.

Step 5

Clear the data out of the fields it’s not really supposed to be in. This is not a requirement, but it’s a best practice, in my opinion. There is only one way (that I know of) to totally clear out the field and that’s by running an old-fashioned Action Set. Yes, I know you can set field value in Campaign Builder and I know you can modify data by exporting it to csv and then putting it back in via Data Cleanup. But neither of these methods will clear a field. So, an Action Set it is! Here is what I prepped to clear the first name field:

Here is what I prepped to clear the Last Name field:

And I ran both via one Action Set:

I will admit, I have never tried to figure out a way to bend the duplicate check rules in Infusionsoft until this week. For all these years I have just lived with the rules on the list and dup checked as best I could. I just let the door sit closed – for 7 years! And then it only took me about an hour of set up and testing to find a window. A few things to keep in mind as we wrap up our chat today. If you are an Infusionsoft user:

  • Learn Infusionsoft inside and out so you know all of the little known tricks and back doors that exist in the software. Don’t give me that: This software shouldn’t be so complicated speech over this advice. There are things that Infusionsoft can do that no other software can and it’s because of the complexity that you sometimes encounter so pick your battles.
  • If you can’t or don’t want to learn Infusionsoft deeply, hire a consultant who does know this stuff.
  • When tech support tells you that you can’t do something and it’s really something you need or want to do, ALWAYS seek a 2nd opinion.

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