How To Make Online Marketing A Habit

If you don’t already know by now, those who are the most successful with their online marketing efforts are those who are consistent with their online marketing efforts. Consistent when it comes to strategy and consistent when it comes to regularly producing content that keeps your audience engaged. Wow, that’s a lot of ideas packed… Continue Reading

Say What? Important Tip Regarding Test Emails In Infusionsoft Campaign Builder

I work with some clients on retainer which means we generally always have something going on pertaining to their Inbound Marketing strategy. At least I do because I am very often the one working things behind the scenes! This is one of the ways that I learn about a lot of Infusionsoft’s quirks. Not Infusionsoft… Continue Reading

Branding Basics: Who Are You?

To be clear, I am not a branding expert. I do happen to think I am a bit of a pattern expert though. I love patterns. Not knitting patterns though – I have yet to find a knitting pattern my brain was willing to stick with and follow to the end. I have tons and… Continue Reading

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