Branding Basics: Who Are You?

To be clear, I am not a branding expert. I do happen to think I am a bit of a pattern expert though. I love patterns. Not knitting patterns though – I have yet to find a knitting pattern my brain was willing to stick with and follow to the end. I have tons and… Continue Reading

Keeping Your Website Safe (and Squeaky Clean!)

SERENITY NOW! Did you/do you watch Seinfeld? George’s dad often screamed this when he had reached the end of his rope – it was his relaxation method. Over the past month I have had my own “Serenity Now!” moments as I fought (and finally won!) a tough battle of having a hacked website. Several weeks… Continue Reading

How To See Your Stats On An Email Sent From Infusionsoft Campaign Builder – Plus A Little Known Twist

Over the past couple of years I have come to love a relevant and tidy Infusionsoft Dashboard. When I am creating a Dashboard, I try to use the out-of-the-box widgets that you can select from this button:     …One of those widgets is called “Email”. It’s super handy because you have your email stats… Continue Reading

Measuring Your Marketing

When it comes to measuring ANYTHING in my personal life, my natural reaction is similar to a firework: via GIPHY I shoot out of a cannon, burst onto the scene, create a beautiful display, then fizzle out. I could name example after example after example… Writing daily Tracking food Tracking sleep Exercising Helping at school… Continue Reading

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