5 Books To Improve Your Business

I mentioned in my last blog post that I kept a list of all the books that I read in 2016. My grandma used to do this which is where I got the idea. I think she did it so she could keep track of what she had already read. I kept track because I […]


10 Ways To Improve Your Business (and Life!)

Happy New Year! Even though many people say “I don’t make New Year’s resolutions“, I have have never known a business owner who wasn’t at least slightly interested in and willing to shake things up in the new year to improve their business. I too am pursuing a new avenue in my business this year – everybody’s […]


How To “Be Where Your Customers Are”

  My son attends camp every summer and he’s told me that they have a saying there to help everyone be present (and in many of the camper’s cases mourn the loss of technology for a week): Be Where Your Feet Are.  In marketing, we need to “Be Where Our Customers Are”. Where our customers […]


Content Marketing: How To Figure Out What To Write About

When business owners struggle to create content, it’s usually due to at least one of the following reasons: No time Not a good writer Not sure what to write about I actually think that “no time” and “not a good writer” are simply stories we tell ourselves. You can make time to do anything if […]

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How To Avoid Conference All-The-Things Syndrome

“When people are obsessed with ideas, they cannot hear anymore.” -David Cancel, CEO of Drift I have just returned from Converted 2016 which is a marketing conference hosted by LeadPages. I missed the conference last year and was committed this time around to making the trip to Minneapolis to check it out. I was not disappointed […]

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I Bought Infusionsoft Over The Weekend – Now What?

Some people buy a puppy over the weekend. Some people get a kitten. Some people buy a new car. And anywhere from dozens to hundreds of people buy themselves an Infusionsoft application while attending a weekend business conference. I can understand the allure of buying things at conferences because the pricing is usually super sweet. […]

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Find The Marketing Opportunities Already In Your Database

The optical illusion above is a classic. You can see two very different things depending on how you look at the image. This is how it is in our marketing database – you can see different opportunities depending on how you look at it. Let me explain what I mean… Last week I was at the […]

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5 Email List Building Strategies That Work

  Every so often, when I am talking to business owners about email marketing, I am reminded that it’s really easy to mistake your email marketing software as a tool for generating traffic which in turn grows your mailing list. I can see why this mistake is made – email marketing software companies often say things like: […]

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3 Email Marketing Stats Every Business Owner Must Watch

While every business has their own strategies, goals, and definition of success for their online marketing, there are 3 things that every business owner should be keeping an eye on: Open Rate. Open rate is exactly what you think it is: How many people are opening your email. The reason that this stat is on this […]

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Why It Doesn’t Matter If You Are Not Using 100% of Your Email Marketing Software

  News Flash: Most businesses do not use 100% of the bells and whistles in their email marketing software. It’s usually NOT by design – most customers WANT to use 100% of their email marketing software which I think is a fantastic idea and I encourage any and all business owners to work hard to do so. What […]