Say What? Important Tip Regarding Test Emails In Infusionsoft Campaign Builder

I work with some clients on retainer which means we generally always have something going on pertaining to their Inbound Marketing strategy. At least I do because I am very often the one working things behind the scenes! This is one of the ways that I learn about a lot of Infusionsoft’s quirks. Not Infusionsoft… Continue Reading

Branding Basics: Who Are You?

To be clear, I am not a branding expert. I do happen to think I am a bit of a pattern expert though. I love patterns. Not knitting patterns though – I have yet to find a knitting pattern my brain was willing to stick with and follow to the end. I have tons and… Continue Reading

Keeping Your Website Safe (and Squeaky Clean!)

SERENITY NOW! Did you/do you watch Seinfeld? George’s dad often screamed this when he had reached the end of his rope – it was his relaxation method. Over the past month I have had my own “Serenity Now!” moments as I fought (and finally won!) a tough battle of having a hacked website. Several weeks… Continue Reading

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