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Put A Custom List of Appointments on Your Google Calendar In One Swoop!

  My son attended an app camp this summer at a local high school. Each day they made a simple app and by the end of the week they learned to code something a bit more complex. He wanted his bigger project to have a sports theme, and I personally thought an app to put a […]

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Why I Love Zapier – And Why You Should Too!

  I have been a Zapier customer for a long time. So long that I don’t remember why I signed up for it in the first place AND I think I have an account that isn’t even available anymore (don’t you love when that happens – early adopters get more stuff for less $!). Over […]


You Probably Don’t Need More Than 100 Custom Fields In Infusionsoft

  Whenever I hear something business related more than twice in a short span of time, I know it’s time for a blog post. For example, yesterday I made my 2nd Facebook live video ever to explain the new hot issue in the email marketing world: DMARC. I will get to crafting a blog post […]

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Good Enough Is Good Enough

  I’m taking a beginner Italian class at a local college. This is my first foreign language class since the required 2 years that I took in college in the 90’s. Back then it was Spanish, and I didn’t really take to it. So when I enrolled in Italian I immediately thought: You couldn’t learn Spanish […]

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Are You Talking To Your Customers or Your Buyers?

  I recently was watching a video on a sales page and I thought: Oh no. No! What I was seeing was a mistake that is so easy to make but so important not to make: The business owner was talking to his customers. You might be thinking: DUH – of course we have to […]

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How To Publish 500 Blog Posts (and Beyond!)

  I have told the story before. The story about the unofficial and unscientific business experiment I decided to conduct in 2012. The experiment was to blog consistently to see if it would really drive more traffic to my website. Blog regularly, watch stats. That’s all. I did both and after about 3 months (this […]


5 Steps For Writing A Blog Post

I’ve written before that every business should have a blog. In a nutshell, the content that you are creating to live on the Internet forever more is priceless. I know, easier said than done for many businesses. Someone has to set the blog up on the company website, someone has to write content, someone has […]


3 Things You Need To Know About Your Facebook Business Page

  While it ultimately depends on your audience, 9 times out of 10 Facebook is a place to be and very often THE place to be to have a social presence for your business. Here are 3 things your need to know about your Facebook Business Page so that you put forth the best social […]

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What To Do If Your Infusionsoft Application Is Collecting Dust

Why would I spend time writing an article about dealing with an Infusionsoft application that is not being used at all or not being used to its fullest potential? Because not a week goes by that I don’t encounter an Infusionsoft application that is not being used at all or is not being used to […]

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Rinse and Repeat Your Best Marketing Strategies

Many business owners refer to online marketing as hard. They think it’s too time consuming and the tools needed to make things go are too complicated to use. As a result, many businesses ignore their online marketing altogether. I will concede that online marketing does take effort and using online marketing tools can be tricky. […]