Virtual Assistance and Niche

A common question that I am asked by aspiring Virtual Assistants involves the topic of niche. People want to know if they should offer a specialty skillset in their business in an effort to attract more clients and charge higher fees. I do think it can be helpful to gave a specialty skillset. Though in […]

The Most Common Mistake Business Owners Make Regarding Delegating

I was interviewed today in promotion of an event I am participating in as an expert called See Jane Succeed: LIVE!. The event will take place in May in Chicago and I will be sharing information with business owners about delegating in their business. During today’s interview I was asked what I feel is the […]

Where Do These VA Fees Come From?

The fee that a Virtual Assistant charges is hands down the most popular question that both business owners and aspiring VAs want to know the answer to. It can be a little frustrating because I happen to think the value that a Virtual Assistant provides exceeds the fee – whatever it may be. But I […]

Behind The Curtain – How A VA Business Is Profitable

Business owners and aspiring Virtual Assistants alike frequently ask me how a VA business can be a profitable business model. I’m thrilled when people ask this question because I love to explain how businesses “work”. Also, I think it’s critical that people considering launching a VA business consider sustainability before investing time, energy and resources. […]

Why LogMeIn Is My Best Business Friend

I travel fairly frequently for business and personally with my family. I used to struggle with letting go when I was going to be out of my office for an extended period. When you work in the Virtual Assistance business, your computer and the your Internet connection is largely the engine that makes the business run. […]

So You Want To Be A VA

I frequently receive emails from people that are interested in launching a Virtual Assistance business. Having worked in the VA industry for the past 6+ years, I think it’s a great business model to consider! Currently, I don’t take on new VA clients. When business owners contact me and want to partner a VA, I […]


I gave an interview on the topic of delegation today and I shared some of my tips for taking action on delegating in business. To explain, I talk to business owners every day about areas in business that they should be handing off to someone else to handle for them (i.e. delegating) and when I […]

The Power of Infusionsoft

Last week I was in sunny Phoenix, AZ attending Infusioncon. This is a 3 day content rich conference hosted by the Arizona based software company, Infusionsoft. Prior to attending the conference I thought that Infusionsoft and 1ShoppingCart served the same purpose. I was half right and mostly wrong. I quickly learned that Infusionsoft can do […]

Working From Home & Partnering With A Virtual Assistant – The Ultimate Win/Win!

For many of us, there is nothing better than working from our home office. I never had an office THIS big until I created my own! Vanity aside, I’m more creative and motivated to “get it all done” each day when I am working from home and running my own business because this company is […]