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Why you might not be using Infusionsoft to its fullest potential.

I spent much of last week in Arizona consulting at Infusionsoft. There is a program offered periodically called Implementation Accelerator and the purpose of the event is for Infusionsoft customers to come to the office for 3 FULL days and implement, implement, implement with a consultant and a team of people working in creative services such […]

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When the student is ready…

I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. -Winston Churchill Little league baseball just wrapped up this week for my son. The season went a couple of weeks longer for his team because they made it to the championship game. They were the runner-up, and we now have a […]

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7 Habits of Highly Successful Infusionsoft Users

My brain latches on to patterns. In my neighborhood: I know all of the patterns on my block for when garbage bins will show up on the curb at each house every Wednesday, for example. Maybe I need to get a hobby… I observe productive patterns too. Specifically, there are 7 things that all of […]

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Back To School: Let’s Learn Some New Infusionsoft Stuff!

By today, everyone is typically “back to school”. My little guy actually returned to school 2 weeks ago, but there have been half days and Labor Day and now, we too are settled in to a regular schedule. While it’s the most challenging 3 months of the year for me – balancing summer vacation and […]

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People Have Questions. People Trust Friends. Friends Like to Help. Facebook Works.

Guest blogger Thursday continues! This week, I welcome social media guru Sue Koch to the blog. Sue is more techy than I am, but we share a love of Infusionsoft, CustomerHub and Facebook in common! I am also in awe of Sue’s You Tube presence. Not only is her business page one of the most […]