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Guest Blogger: The New Rules of Email Subject Lines

  I am so delighted to have Janette Gleason from Gleason Consulting Group on the MCg blog today! Janette originally published this post last week on her own blog and the moment I read it I spun around in my desk chair thinking: Must share this on my blog ASAP! Enjoy – and be sure […]

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Guest Blogger: Setting Up Your Sales Pipeline in Infusionsoft

I know that there are awesome Infusionsoft enthusiasts consuming the information that we share on this blog. There are two reasons that I know this: 1. You share your feedback with me – a lot. I don’t even have Comments enabled on the blog anymore (because spam patrol became a full time job) but you […]

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Guest Blogger: 6 Tips for Writing Effective Emails

Something I hear a lot from Infusionsoft users who read this blog is that they enjoy the Infusionsoft centric tips, advice and how-tos. If that describes you, today’s guest blog post will not disappoint! My friend and colleague Janette Gleason knows a thing or two about effective marketing strategy. You have no doubt seen Janette […]

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Using Tables Within the Infusionsoft Email Builder

I am so lucky because today’s guest blogger – Melissa Kupiec – is a member of the Maes Consulting Group team! She also has her own Infusionsoft consulting company called MK Consulting which means she works in Infusionsoft all-day-long. I have known Melissa for years and from the minute I saw her work in Infusionsoft […]

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Tough (Tag) Love for Infusionsoft Users

Today’s guest blogger is my friend and colleague, Barbara Jones. Barbara knows Infusionsoft inside and out which is why she can give us an in-depth article about Tag Strategies in Infusionsoft. As an added bonus, she also knows how to make the topic interesting! Tag Strategies – who has one? Anyone? No tag strategy? Hey, […]

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How to Build Your List With Infusionsoft, an Attention Piece and a Facebook Ad

Talking to so many business owners, I notice that when asked what they would like to accomplish with their marketing, they often start the story with: I will send people ____ and then and then and then. Stop. What people? Uh oh. Very often, we start our marketing plans with the audience already having showed […]

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Guest Post: How to Schedule Automatic Email Reports In Infusionsoft

It’s no secret that I wear my 5+ years of Infusionsoft experience with pride and will tell anyone who will listen all about it. However, today’s guest blogger blows that amount of experience working in Infusionsoft out of the water. 10 years, anyone? Today’s guest blogger is my colleague and friend Vania Clark-Butler. She knows […]

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Guest Blog Post: Re-activating an Inactive Subscription in Infusionsoft

There are Infusionsoft experts, and then there are Infusionsoft Experts. Today’s guest blogger – Camille Schieff –  knows Infusionsoft inside and out like I have never seen before. Today, Cami is sharing a post that she originally wrote for her own blog about re-activating an Infusionsoft subscription. For those who have encountered this scenario in […]

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How To Combine The Power of Infusionsoft and Google Docs!

It’s guest blogger Thursday! I have to tell you, you are in for a massive treat today. If you are an Infusionsoft user who LOVES figuring every possible way you can make your application do more, produce more, be more efficient and EASIER to utilize, this post is for you! Our guest blogger today is […]

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Guest Blogger Thursday: How Infusionsoft Helped Rebuild My Dreams and My Economy

Welcome to guest blogger Thursday! I have the pleasure of receiving these posts about a week before you see them on the blog and let me tell you, it’s TOUGH keeping this info under wraps for a week. This week is no different. Today’s guest blogger is my friend and colleague Kay Aubrey-Chimene. When I […]