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Who is your Infusionsoft go-to gu-ru?

This week is a busy one at Maes Consulting. The 3rd week of the month typically is around here because it’s when I usually try to schedule the monthly M.A.P. VIP Virtual Work Day. I also happen to have an Office (Half) Hour scheduled for the M.A.P VIPs this week too. So, it’s a busy […]

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Mission: 10,000 Lifecycle Marketing Challengers!

Last month I officially kicked off the Lifecycle Marketing Challenge. Participants took a week to build a Lifecycle Marketing plan step-by-step. Those that completed the Challenge become the proud recipients of the official “I took the Challenge!” badge and some of those participants are rewarded with a VIP spot in the M.A.P. Club. As a […]

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A Most Excellent System For Setting Up Campaigns in Infusionsoft

Campaign Builder is “where it’s at” in an Infusionsoft app these days. It’s very much an “intersection” tool – meaning it brings together your CRM, Marketing and eCommerce functions to roll out the…Perfect Customer Lifecycle! Consistant systems work if you work them. I have a System that I follow every time I set up a […]