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Announcing: MCg University!

I LOVE membership sites. They are a perfect solution for delivering digital products that are large files. They are also great for timed delivery of content (Module 1 right away, Module 2 a week later…). They are also an awesome way to give, give, give away resources – what a win/win for all! MCg University […]

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Who is your Infusionsoft go-to gu-ru?

This week is a busy one at Maes Consulting. The 3rd week of the month typically is around here because it’s when I usually try to schedule the monthly M.A.P. VIP Virtual Work Day. I also happen to have an Office (Half) Hour scheduled for the M.A.P VIPs this week too. So, it’s a busy […]

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Mission: 10,000 Lifecycle Marketing Challengers!

Last month I officially kicked off the Lifecycle Marketing Challenge. Participants took a week to build a Lifecycle Marketing plan step-by-step. Those that completed the Challenge become the proud recipients of the official “I took the Challenge!” badge and some of those participants are rewarded with a VIP spot in the M.A.P. Club. As a […]

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A Most Excellent System For Setting Up Campaigns in Infusionsoft

Campaign Builder is “where it’s at” in an Infusionsoft app these days. It’s very much an “intersection” tool – meaning it brings together your CRM, Marketing and eCommerce functions to roll out the…Perfect Customer Lifecycle! Consistant systems work if you work them. I have a System that I follow every time I set up a […]


The Fall Release is Here!

Ta daaaaaaaa. Infusionsoft started deploying the Fall Release to customer’s applications last week. If you are already an Infusionsoft customer (If you’re not, what are you waiting for? Check out a software demo by clicking here.), you may have the updates in your app already. If you don’t, you will see the updates within a […]