3 Reasons Why An Online Scheduling Software Is A Must For Every Business Owner

If you’re pretty good at what you do, people may will ask for your time. They will email you and ask for a meeting. They will email you and suggest you meet for coffee. They may cold call you to see if you “just have a minute”. An online scheduling software is the solution to […]

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Infusionsoft or ActiveCampaign: How To Pick The Best Email Marketing Software For Your Business

Since I’m an Infusionsoft Certified Consultant and an ActiveCampaign Certified Consultant I am frequently asked to compare Infusionsoft and ActiveCampaign as email marketing solutions. The scenario is typically an Infusionsoft customer who wants to move to ActiveCampaign. I can’t recall ever encountering an ActiveCampaign customer who wants to move to Infusionsoft – although I once worked […]

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How To Bend The Duplicate Checking Rules In Infusionsoft

When a door closes, open a window. If you have spent any time using Infusionsoft you have run a duplicate check of your contact records via Admin => Data Cleanup => Check For Duplicate Contact Records. And you have encountered this list of rule combos: …and you hated all of the options. Hate is a […]

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3 Reasons Why You Should Not Use More Than One Email Marketing Software At A Time

It’s very common that I will work with businesses who want to “get back on the horse” with their email marketing and marketing automation in general. Their email marketing software is collecting dust (figuratively speaking) and they want to get back in the marketing automation game so they can do more, make more, and often work […]

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Why Your Business Needs To Be Like A Spicy Smoothie

I am the lead smoothie maker at our house and I must admit I have become quite good at it. Recently I bought my second smoothie maker because I wore the first one out. I’m proud to say that I no longer put things like ice cream in our morning smoothies but I will confess […]


How To Love Your Business

It was Valentine’s Day this week – the day that’s all about hearts and love! And chocolate. And teddy bears. So, let’s talk about how to love your business. That’s right, you can love your business! But it takes work to build a business that you love. Yes, work! All of this business stuff takes […]


3 Reasons Why You Must Make Time For Marketing

You’re busy. I know. Or I should say: Oh, you’re the busy business owner! I’ve been looking all over for you because you’re the only one. You’re like a unicorn – so rare! If that statement stings, I’m sorry. I know that if you are someone who thinks you’re always busy and tells everyone about […]


3 Things Your Business Needs To Be Successful

I recently read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo. I liked it and recommend – although I will give you a heads up that it takes organizing to the extreme (thanking the holiday cards you received throughout December before throwing them away and talking to your […]


5 Easy Ways To Increase Your Income Using Resources You Already Have

If you have been in business any amount of time you know that it’s a lot of hard work. The planning, the marketing, the networking, the prospecting, the nurturing, the closing, and then doing it all over again. And again. And again. I’m here to remind you (because I think we all know this yet […]


5 Books To Improve Your Business

I mentioned in my last blog post that I kept a list of all the books that I read in 2016. My grandma used to do this which is where I got the idea. I think she did it so she could keep track of what she had already read. I kept track because I […]