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When the student is ready…

I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. -Winston Churchill Little league baseball just wrapped up this week for my son. The season went a couple of weeks longer for his team because they made it to the championship game. They were the runner-up, and we now have a […]

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The Secret Weapon of Successful Businesses

I have shared my story many times about the experiment I did in January, 2013 when I decided to blog every weekday to see what would happen. I stuck with the every-business-day schedule for a good 6+ months and in a nutshell, the results were well worth the effort. However, I didn’t see results for […]

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Infusionsoft Classroom Training Options At MCg!

Most of our services to date have been delivered to Infusionsoft customers virtually. While we will continue to offer virtual training options, you can now come to our training center to take advantage of live classroom training! Wondering why we have created a Midwest Training Center for Infusinsoft Users? Here are 5 reasons: Offering a […]

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Announcing: Free Infusionsoft Coaching!

If you have already logged into MCg University, you are aware of the Free Infusionsoft Coaching call that’s happening later this week and have hopefully already registered for a seat in the virtual classroom. If you haven’t, here’s the scoop: What: A free Infusionsoft Group Coaching Session with Jessica Maes from Maes Consulting Group (me!). […]

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Announcing: MCg University!

I LOVE membership sites. They are a perfect solution for delivering digital products that are large files. They are also great for timed delivery of content (Module 1 right away, Module 2 a week later…). They are also an awesome way to give, give, give away resources – what a win/win for all! MCg University […]