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5 Email List Building Strategies That Work

  Every so often, when I am talking to business owners about email marketing, I am reminded that it’s really easy to mistake your email marketing software as a tool for generating traffic which in turn grows your mailing list. I can see why this mistake is made – email marketing software companies often say things like: […]

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Time Saving Tools To Help With Your Online Marketing

  While creating content is the number one show stopper for business owners who want to implement an online marketing plan, a very close second is lack of time. We all have 24 hours to work with each day and some people figure out how to carve out the time to work on their marketing […]

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Are You Talking To Your Customers or Your Buyers?

  I recently was watching a video on a sales page and I thought: Oh no. No! What I was seeing was a mistake that is so easy to make but so important not to make: The business owner was talking to his customers. You might be thinking: DUH – of course we have to […]

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Attending ICON15? How To Get The Most Out Of The Event

ICON is just around the corner! I have been to many, many ICONs (this will be #5) and I have gone from literally not knowing a soul to knowing a lot-a lot of people attending and facilitating the event. With this in mind, here are my practical tips (in no particular order) for getting the […]

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An Infusionsoft Work Day: You’re Invited!

A couple of years ago I became mildly obsessed with the concept of an Infusionsoft Work Day. The concept is very (very) simple: Create a plan for working for a full day in your Infusionsoft application. Not too big, not too small. Show up at a Work Day with your plan and your laptop. Get […]

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ICON 2015 – Everything You Need To Know (And Probably More Than You Wanted to Know!)

 It’s that time of year again – time to make your plans to attend Infusionsoft’s Annual conference called ICON. It’s March 31 – April 2 this year and it will be held at the same venue as last year which is the Phoenix Convention Center. This will be my 5th time attending ICON so…you know […]

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When You Fail To Plan…

You know the saying from Benjamin Franklin (Winston Churchill said something similar too)… Gosh, they sure didn’t sugar coat it back in the 18th Century! Though I must admit, this saying is true. Here is another quote I really like (I promise it’s not nearly as biting): I have written today’s post because we are winding […]

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Why ALL small businesses should attend #ICON14 in April

#ICON14 is just around the corner! Well, it’s 12 weeks away. “Just around the corner” at the Maes house is waking up a couple of days of each week and realizing that that day is a “cold lunch day” and the cold lunch needs to be prepped and packed in the next 30 minutes with […]

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#ICON14 Early Bird Pricing Ends TODAY.

Posting on the weekend is not part of my editorial schedule as a rule. However, today is the last day for the lowest price for #ICON14 – and saving $139.90 (keep reading to know how I have come up with this odd number) is worth a weekend post! #ICON14 is the annual conference hosted by […]

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5 Reasons You (and Your Business) Need To Attend Events

Last week I was in Scottsdale, AZ attending PartnerCon. PartnerCon is the annual conference for Infusionsoft Partners. You can read all about it via the Day 1 Recap, the Day 2 Recap and the Day 3 Recap. As someone who doesn’t necessarily love climbing out from behind my computer and leaving the office to network […]