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Put A Custom List of Appointments on Your Google Calendar In One Swoop!

  My son attended an app camp this summer at a local high school. Each day they made a simple app and by the end of the week they learned to code something a bit more complex. He wanted his bigger project to have a sports theme, and I personally thought an app to put a […]

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10 Things An Infusionsoft Virtual Assistant Can Do For You

While I personally think that every Infusionsoft customer should know at least a little bit about the software, I also think that most – if not all – Infusionsoft customers could use the support of a Virtual Assistant to take care of the very import, albeit ticky-tack, things that need to get done in the […]


In Business: Tips for getting it all done

I originally wrote this article last week for my weekly newsletter. It’s pretty perfect for a blog post too, so I am going to post a version of the article here too… When you operate a Virtual Assistance business, you are frequently meeting deadlines for your client’s administrative support needs. Here are some tips that […]

Part-Time Businesses Are On The Rise

I mentioned in a prior blog post that I feel there is a need and a desire for part-time business opportunities. Part-time meaning in addition to a full time job. To my delight (but not my surprise) there was an article about the new trend of part-time work options just yesterday. You can read the […]


I love to educate business owners about Virtual Assistance, but in the span of about 10 days I have had two business owners make bizarre comments about the work of an Assistant: So, do you, like, stuff envelopes for people? You mean you just slap a label on files for people? Clearly, it’s time for […]


How much does it cost? How much would you pay…

I was at the grocery store a few weeks ago and I fully planned to get myself a package of peanut butter rice krispie treats with chocolate on top. I love the version that the store bakery makes. I went right to the spot where they sit in the store, picked up the one that […]

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In Business: Give Them What They Want (Not What You Think They Need)

“Great” business ideas fall in to 2 categories: What the market wants What we think the market needs Examples… I feel my neighborhood needs a yarn shop. I’m a knitter (an enthusiastic beginner, I like to say!) so I think this for practical reasons. I also think it’s a great place to gather. No one […]


In Business: Do You Have Disney-Confidence?

As business owners, we all need what I call Disney-confidence. Have you priced a trip to DisneyWorld lately? It’s pricey. Really pricey. I know price is subjective, but I think we can all agree that Disney is a spendy trip. If you priced Disney last year you will want to price it again because rates […]


In Business: Say Thank You

This posted was revised on November 4, 2017 Speaking from personal experience as a service provider since 2005, here is a tip for business owners that will gain you longevity and respect from your helpers and will actually cause your team to want to support you more: say thank you for the work people do […]


The Two Most Important Things VAs Need To Know About Infusionsoft

I wrote a post about the marketing software Infusionsoft a few months ago. I love the software now as much as I did then – perhaps even more nnow because I have been using it AND seeing results for my business and my client’s businesses since I wrote my last post. I had a feeling […]