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Put A Custom List of Appointments on Your Google Calendar In One Swoop!

  My son attended an app camp this summer at a local high school. Each day they made a simple app and by the end of the week they learned to code something a bit more complex. He wanted his bigger project to have a sports theme, and I personally thought an app to put a […]

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10 Things An Infusionsoft Virtual Assistant Can Do For You

While I personally think that every Infusionsoft customer should know at least a little bit about the software, I also think that most – if not all – Infusionsoft customers could use the support of a Virtual Assistant to take care of the very import, albeit ticky-tack, things that need to get done in the […]


In Business: Tips for getting it all done

I originally wrote this article last week for my weekly newsletter. It’s pretty perfect for a blog post too, so I am going to post a version of the article here too… When you operate a Virtual Assistance business, you are frequently meeting deadlines for your client’s administrative support needs. Here are some tips that […]

Part-Time Businesses Are On The Rise

I mentioned in a prior blog post that I feel there is a need and a desire for part-time business opportunities. Part-time meaning in addition to a full time job. To my delight (but not my surprise) there was an article about the new trend of part-time work options just yesterday. You can read the […]


I love to educate business owners about Virtual Assistance, but in the span of about 10 days I have had two business owners make bizarre comments about the work of an Assistant: So, do you, like, stuff envelopes for people? You mean you just slap a label on files for people? Clearly, it’s time for […]


How much does it cost? How much would you pay…

I was at the grocery store a few weeks ago and I fully planned to get myself a package of peanut butter rice krispie treats with chocolate on top. I love the version that the store bakery makes. I went right to the spot where they sit in the store, picked up the one that […]

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In Business: Give Them What They Want (Not What You Think They Need)

“Great” business ideas fall in to 2 categories: What the market wants What we think the market needs Examples… I feel my neighborhood needs a yarn shop. I’m a knitter (an enthusiastic beginner, I like to say!) so I think this for practical reasons. I also think it’s a great place to gather. No one […]


In Business: Do You Have Disney-Confidence?

As business owners, we all need what I call Disney-confidence. Have you priced a trip to DisneyWorld lately? It’s pricey. Really pricey. I know price is subjective, but I think we can all agree that Disney is a spendy trip. If you priced Disney last year you will want to price it again because rates […]


In Business: Say Thank You

Virtual Assistance is very much a service based industry. Supporting business owners is a VA’s bread and butter. The best, most successful VAs are clear about what they do (and don’t do), love what they do, and would not rather be doing anything else other than being of service to their clients when they are […]


The Two Most Important Things VAs Need To Know About Infusionsoft

I wrote a post about the marketing software Infusionsoft a few months ago. I love the software now as much as I did then – perhaps even more nnow because I have been using it AND seeing results for my business and my client’s businesses since I wrote my last post. I had a feeling […]