I’ve helped hundreds of people take their businesses to the next level. For the last decade email marketing has been the strategy that has moved the success needle the most for businesses. Until now.

Chatbots are the new email.

I don’t say this to replace email marketing – it’s still a powerful tool in an overall marketing strategy. But we can’t ignore the stats:

There are over 2 billion (with a ‘b’) users on Facebook.

There are over 1 billion (also with a ‘b’) users on Facebook Messenger.

Over 1 billion people use WhatsApp.

Millions of people use slack every day.

And on and on.

Businesses having success with chatbot marketing are creating a brand experience with their prospects and customers right in their Messenger inboxes. We work with our clients to create and implement a chatbot marketing strategy that can result in expanded reach, audience growth, and revenue gains.