Content Marketing: How To Figure Out What To Write About

When business owners struggle to create content, it’s usually due to at least one of the following reasons:

  • No time
  • Not a good writer
  • Not sure what to write about

I actually think that “no time” and “not a good writer” are simply stories we tell ourselves. You can make time to do anything if it matters enough and if you can talk, you can write (that’s what I do – write how I talk!). Even if my theory is total bunk and you really have no time and can’t write, you could hire a writer to create content for you. But they will need you to tell them what to write about. SOMEONE has to take the bull by the horns and figure out what to write about. And that’s the show stopper in most businesses – no one knows what their content should be about.

I think that once business owners know what their audience (prospects and customers) wants to hear, writing is quite easy. Here’s a two-step process for figuring out what to write about so you can create the marketing content that you need in your business:

Step 1: Figure out your keywords. 

Use a keyword tool (yes, that’s a thing) like keyword.io. I just use the free version. Enter a term you at least THINK your crowd is looking for information about online. I am playing along at home as I write this post so I entered “writing content”:



Results were “491 keywords selected”. I picked all of them and then copied the list to my clipboard.

Step 2: Figure out what people are actually searching for on your topic.

Now that I have a long list of keywords, it’s time to see what people are actually searching Google for on this topic. To do this, I use the Google Keyword Planner. The planner is a free tool. You will need a Google AdWords account to access the planner, but the AdWords account is free to set up too. I pasted my list of 491 keywords into the planner and ran the search. The highest searched term (1000 – 10000 searches per month) is for the following term: content writing services.

Now I know that if I want to create content around the topic of “writing content” I should write articles and eBooks that help people find writers or services to create content for them and/or I should offer content writing services. Can I write about other things? Yes. Would I prefer to write about other things on this topic? Yes! But is anyone searching for what I wish they were searching for on this topic? Not really. So if I want to write useful content on this topic that is found and read and hopefully acted on, this is what my content needs to be about.

I must warn you, doing this process is like stepping on a scale – it can REALLY sting to discover things aren’t what you thought they were. If (when, actually) you discover no one is searching for what you thought they were, don’t freak out. Simply take the data and think about how you can create content around the most popular searches. Then get writing – or find someone to get writing for you!

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