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Find The Marketing Opportunities Already In Your Database

optical illusion

The optical illusion above is a classic. You can see two very different things depending on how you look at the image. This is how it is in our marketing database – you can see different opportunities depending on how you look at it. Let me explain what I mean…

Last week I was at the Infusionsoft headquarters in Arizona working with a client. While the client is seasoned in business, what we were working on was a brand new endeavor. So, we went into our work together planning on starting from a list of ZERO.

If you have worked with me, you know that something we always do – usually at the beginning of our work together – is chat about what we are trying to accomplish. As we talked through things, I saw a huge change in the client when he started talking about one particular program he wanted to create. It was very obvious that this needed to be the lead magnet to his higher cost programs rather than the free report we were planning to implement into the strategy.

Here is where it gets really interesting.

This program that brought a totally different level of energy and excitement to the client is a perfect resource to offer new people as well as his existing list of 300. In one conversation, we went from launching to zero people to launching to 300 people. Both strategies can work, but which one do you think will result in faster conversions?

If you have a list – even a small list – you must always be on the lookout for ways that you can engage those people and sell, upsell, or gain referrals from them. Yes, it has to be relevant because if you send something that’s totally irrelvant to them you risk having them opt out and then it’s game over. But I have a feeling all of us have something we are passionate about in our business that could be a nice fit for people you were not orignally intending to reach out to.

Call it an optical illusion or perspective or low hanging fruit or whatever you want. I saw it with my own eyes last week and I have seen it happen on many other occasions. Yes, it helps to have a consultant by your side reading the signs and connecting the dots for you. But you can easily do this activity on your own too if you try. There is gold in your list – think about how you can engage the people you have already worked hard and spent money to acquire before working hard and spending more money to acquire more people for your list.