How To “Be Where Your Customers Are”


My son attends camp every summer and he’s told me that they have a saying there to help everyone be present (and in many of the camper’s cases mourn the loss of technology for a week):

Be Where Your Feet Are. 

In marketing, we need to “Be Where Our Customers Are”. Where our customers are varies from business to business, but everyone’s customers are in one or more of the following places online:

googleGoogle“Google it” is a term that everyone understands in our culture. While Google isn’t the only way to search the Internet, it’s the most common. You need to be found on Google regardless of your business so that when prospects are trying to solve the problem that you solve, you show up on their list of options. While you can invest in Google advertising, I recommend you blog on your business website so that you can generate organic traffic to your website. This is a slow, conservative content marketing strategy but when it hits, it can really be a powerful strategy.

facebookFacebook – Especially if you are B2C (business to consumer), this is really a place that your business needs to be because at last count there were about 2 billion people on Facebook. That’s not me trying to exaggerate for laughs, by the way. 2 billion people use Facebook. Now, you can’t just throw up a Facebook business page and call it a day. Our Facebook business pages get the least traffic of all because Facebook wants you to buy ads or boost your posts. You will want to explore both of these things so you can get your business in front of the correct eyes on Facebook, but even if you can’t afford figuring out ads at this time, you need to post good content regularly in the hopes that those reading it share and comment on it.

twitterTwitter – I’ll be honest, I’ve never taken to Twitter. As a consumer, I have never, ever researched anything to buy on Twitter. But it does continue to be a huge platform (over 300 million users) so by all means, do your due diligence and decide if this is a viable platform to invest your time and resources posting content to it.

Instagram – Instagram is also not my thing at all (probably because I like to talk too much and Instagram is predicated on images), but the other people who live under the same roof as me are proof positive that this is an important platform to research for your content strategy. My husband and my son love this social platform the most of all – and my husband buys from Amazon nearly every day if not every day. So there you go – people will the means to buy are hanging out on Instagram – perhaps your business should too.

PinterestPinterest – Recently my husband and I were attending a Badger football party and one of the snacks were pretzels decorated to look like Bucky Badger. When it came time to find the recipe – we had to take a crash course in Pinterest because that’s where it is. If you have a very visual business – photography or recipes for example – and/or your buyers are very visual people – this is probably a place for you to share content.

linkedinLinkedIn – I really like LinkedIn. I can’t say I completely understand what to do there all the time, but I know enough that I have made some great connections both personally and professionally and I have picked up some writing gigs via this platform which makes be very, very happy. This platform is a must for B2B (business to business) companies and likely a must for just about all of us. Note: Here are two books I like on how to use LinkedIn successfully: The Power Formula For LinkedIn Success and Maximum Success With LinkedIn.

Follow me on YouTube!"YouTube – I think YouTube is the platform that most of us don’t pay enough attention to. When I meet people who consume my content online, nearly everyone cites my YouTube videos as their resource of choice. This blows my mind every time because I assume everyone is reading this rocking blog. Nope. YouTube. YT videos pop up well in Google searches and people LOVE to consume short (remember, I said SHORT!) videos. B2B or B2C, you need to be on YouTube.

You might be reading this and thinking: Check, Check, Check, Check. I’m on all the platforms, Jessica, so I am good to go. Not so fast, friends! You might be on all the platforms – I am too – but are you seeing the results you want to see on all the platforms? Probably not. Which means you need to do the following:

  • Assess what’s working and what isn’t
  • Do more of what’s working
  • Phase out what isn’t working – this very well may mean not being on all the platforms…

This is where the real work begins. It’s not a ton of fun – the way going to the zoo and/or eating caramel apples is super fun. But it’s hugely important for the marketing of your business. So do the work (and make the tough decisions) – you will not regret it!

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