How To Love Your Business

It was Valentine’s Day this week – the day that’s all about hearts and love! And chocolate. And teddy bears. So, let’s talk about how to love your business. That’s right, you can love your business! But it takes work to build a business that you love. Yes, work! All of this business stuff takes work! I wish it weren’t so. I wish the sleeve of Thin Mints my husband has stashed in the freezer would do the trick. But alas… Here are 5 tips for creating a business you love:

Set goals.

Setting goals forces you to have direction in your business. You can’t reach a goal without doing the __ steps needed to reach that goal. When you have direction you gain clarity. As you work towards your goals you experience results. Results feel awesome. I have never experienced a time in my business when I had goals, directions, clarity, and results when I didn’t love my business.

Set boundaries.

If you try to be everything to everyone all the time in your business, you will always feel tired and resentful. You for sure will not love your business, and you likely won’t love anyone or anything for that matter. When you set boundaries – whether it’s time, space, and/or specific things you will/will not do for others as part of your business, you can begin to love your business because you are shaping something that fits the vision you had for your business in the first place.

Take action.

I am constantly Googling “How to become a keynote speaker”.  I am also constantly Googling “Glamping” – but that’s for another blog post on another day. Meanwhile I know the real answer is: “Stop Googling how to be a speaker and get out there and speak!” Ugh. But it’s true. You have to take action to build a business that you love.

Know why you are doing the work you do.

Have you ever watched Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk titled How great leaders inspire action? If you haven’t, take 18 minutes and watch it – so good! The takeaway is that the people who are the happiest and most successful are the people who know why they are doing what they are doing. When you figure out your Why in your business you will come to love the work that you’re doing.

Be willing to walk away.

I had lunch with a friend the other day and he asked me what my secret to a lasting relationship is. I told him that I am in my relationships because I want to be and never because I need to be. I am willing to walk away from the dead-end gigs. That goes for life and for the purpose of our chat here today for business. This is HARD. But it’s the way through. Want to love your business? Do it because you want to and not because you need to. This shift in perspective can change everything.

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