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I Bought Infusionsoft Over The Weekend – Now What?

Some people buy a puppy over the weekend. Some people get a kitten. Some people buy a new car. And anywhere from dozens to hundreds of people buy themselves an Infusionsoft application while attending a weekend business conference. I can understand the allure of buying things at conferences because the pricing is usually super sweet. However, people very often buy things at conferences that they were not planning to buy. They put the “cart before the horses” so to speak, and now they have to figure out what to do with all of the cool stuff they bought over the weekend. If you bought Infusionsoft over the weekend – or ever for that matter – and now you are wondering what to do next, here are 5 musts for every Infusionsoft customer who is looking for success with their software sooner than later:

Log in. When you purchase an Infusionsoft app, it can take up to 2 hours for your app to actually be generated. Plus, you bought on the weekend so processing may still be happening on Monday morning. So you probably have not logged in yet. You will receive a welcome email with a link (likely a big green button) to use to log in for the first time. Note: There is something called a security token in this welcome email so the log in link will expire after several days. This is done as a security measure because who wouldn’t log into their shiny new Infusionsoft app ASAP? You would be surprised. Don’t get into the pickle of an expired log in link in you’re welcome email because then you will have to spend time talking to tech support to get another welcome email sent out to you. While the tech support folks are lovely, none of us want to spend our Monday – or any day – sitting on the line with a tech support rep is we don’t have to.

Get a 30,000 foot overview of the software. Infusionsoft is commonly referred to as “Confusionsoft” and in general much of the public thinks or assumes it’s a difficult software to use. It isn’t actually. I know, it’s easy for me to say since I have learned how to use the software inside and out over the past 6+ years. But it really is true. What Infusionsoft absolutely is is robust and when a software is robust you have to find a place to put everything. That’s why the first thing I have customers do when they log in to their application is hover on the cornerstone in the top left hand corner of their application. This reveals the main menu and this is a 30,000 foot view of all of the bells and whistles included in the version of Infusionsoft that you purchased. You will see what it’s fairly self-explanatory where to go to find the basics. Doing this simple exercise can reduce anxiety over your new software investment considerably.

Remind yourself of what you plan to use the software for. When you made the decision to buy Infusionsoft, you had an idea or two (or twelve) about what you were going to do with the software. Perhaps you want to send out a weekly newsletter. Perhaps you will be launching some Facebook ads to help you build your email list. Perhaps you plan to use the CRM tool with your sales team. Perhaps you plan to sell online using the eCommerce functionality. Perhaps you will be doing a combination of these things or perhaps you have a plan that I didn’t describe here. Whatever! Just remind yourself of what your plan is and begin to map out your steps for getting everything set up.

Set a launch date. This is critical! If you do not set a tentative launch date for using your Infusionsoft software, you will likely never use your Infusionsoft software or you will at least not use it to the extent you had planned to. This is really easy: Look at your calendar, pick a date that’s 3-4 weeks out into the future, and block it off as your “Infusionsoft launch day”. Then work backwards and block off time between now and then to learn the software and get things set up.

Learn the software. I am always surprised that so many customers are shocked to discover that there is a learning curve that comes with their Infusionsoft software. Really? How is it even possible NOT to have some sort of learning curve when it comes to using a new software? You will find some software training right inside your application and the help docs are really quite good too. Start here and then you can explore other Infusionsoft training options as needed to boost your knowledge of the software.

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