New Infusionsoft Training Webinar!

I’ve just returned from our annual end of the school year vacation. This year we went to Europe – England and Italy – and I could talk your ear off for days about all of our adventures abroad. In a nutshell: We had an amazing trip. Look at this photo I took of the Colosseum in Rome – it’s like a post card!

I struggle to disconnect from technology and specifically my work. So, I only packed my mobile phone for this trip. I was open to leaving that behind too but between the camera and WhatsApp to communicate with our family, it was a must. With only a cell phone, I couldn’t open up Campaign Builder in an Infusionsoft app if I tried! I am so glad I did this – I desperately needed to disconnect for a chunk of time so new ideas could show up in my mind – or not. Either way, I just needed a break.

Something I have been working on for several months finally came together in my head in the past couple of weeks and I am excited to have pulled it all together into a brand new (and free!) training webinar that I will host on Wednesday, June 28, 2017 at 1pm Central. The webinar is titled:

“5 Time and Money Saving Reasons Why You Need An Infusionsoft SOP”

An Infusionsoft SOP? What’s that? Well, I will talk about that during the training but it would be helpful for you to understand the context for this new training now in case it’s not clear to you yet why you will not want to miss this.

SOP = Standard Operating Procedure. It’s documentation that can serve as a training resource, a reference resource, a standardization resource, a performance measurement tool, and more.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

As you know, I have been consulting on Infusionsoft for over 8 years. I have met hundreds of business owners who just want to know how to make Infusionsoft work and work well. For the time we work together we accomplish this through consulting and training. But once we wrap up our work together, it’s on the Infusionsoft customer to remember what to do to keep things rolling in the software or the customer winds back up on my doorstep for additional consulting again and again – which is often the case – because no one remembers what to do or there has been staff turnover. On paper, ongoing consulting engagements are GREAT for someone in the business of…consulting, but I think the goal should be for a consultant’s clients to NOT need them as much once they have their foundations in place. The only way this can be accomplished is by creating a custom Infusionsoft SOP to refer to, to train with, to measure with, and to operate independently of pricey consulting forever.

Now, if you’re reading this and thinking: “Well, Infusionsoft shouldn’t be so hard that I need an SOP!” I have news for you – Infusionsoft is a robust piece of software akin to the robustness of accounting software, proposal software, appointment setting software, and more. No one balks at needing an SOP to operate QuickBooks so why is this any different?

If you’re an Infusionsoft customer and you are tired of spending thousands of dollars each year on Infusionsoft consulting when you already have a Virtual Assistant or employee in place to run the software for you or if you’re tired of not having any documentation in place regarding what you do (or want to do) in the software and how to do it, you will want to clear your schedule and join me for this webinar. Register sooner than later because my GoToMeeting classroom WILL fill up for this one!

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