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Servicing after the sale

We are naturally inclined to spend time every day looking for new customers. While this IS an important thing to do on a daily or weekly basis – connect with new people – many businesses forget that they have a treasure trove of opportunity sitting saved in their computer somewhere…past customers.

When I work on marketing automation strategy with clients I have them describe the steps they take with each an every customer that they have. Very often, the trail ends once the sale is made.

I see this a lot with Realtors. This is not to pick on Realtors – I have had a lot of Realtor clients over the years so I’ve had a front row seat to how this industry markets. Realtors often work all day, every day to find new customers, cart the new customers all over town looking at properties, buy them lunch, keep their kids entertained while the client tours around a house, set them up with a lender, attend the closing with a thank you gift in hand… And that’s when the journey often ends and the Realtor resumes looking for new customers. I have seen Realtors literally never contact their past customers ever again.

Instead, the closing table is where the real money should start to be made – through testimonials and referrals. If a Realtor has a happy customer sitting across from them at the closing table, why wouldn’t they take full advantage of the great service they just provided someone for the last several weeks/months/years and secure a quote about the experience and ask for referrals of friends, family, neighbors, co-workers and anyone else they can think of that needs to buy/sell a house?

Now take the Realtor scenario out of this. Every business should have a detailed plan for servicing after the sale. First of all because it’s the mark of stellar customer service. Second and equally important it’s a step in the direction of leveraging marketing dollars and working smarter, not harder.

Excited about crafting a detailed marketing plan for servicing after the sale? Send me a note and we can schedule a time to brainstorm what will work best for your business and budget.