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I’ve helped hundreds of people take their businesses to the next level. Along the way, I’ve watched the world change: marketing terms come and go, digital concepts have exploded into prominence only to recede into the background.

But some things never change.

Gimmicks and tricks might help you have a good quarter, but you can’t build a business model around them. Automation has stood the online marketing test of time. From one-person businesses to Fortune 500 companies, we have seen what is possible when you follow this Inbound Marketing roadmap of success.

I know the landscape inside and out. I’ve seen companies do it right, and I know the pitfalls to avoid.

I have presented and trained hundreds of business owners along their path to success. My strength as a trainer and a presenter has always been my ability to take complex ideas and to break them down into small actionable pieces that are easy to implement, no matter what your current technical background or marketing level.

From keynotes presentations to small business seminars, and from webinars to one-on-one learning sessions, I am available to help you and your team—or your conference attendees—master the fine art and the science of online marketing.