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You Can Too: How to configure My Nav in Infusionsoft

Lately, I have been in a lot of new Infusionsoft applications and experiencing, “You don’t know how handy something is until you don’t have it handy”.   I have “My Nav” configured in my app to meet my needs which means I have it configured to display the links that take me to the spots […]


You Can Too: How to set up and use Lead Scoring in Infusionsoft

As promised in yesterday’s post, I have recorded a tutorial on how to set up Lead Scoring in your Infusionsoft application! First, watch this video about setting up lead scoring: Then, watch this tutorial about how to use the lead scoring you have set up: What do you think? Are you ready to put this […]


3 Easy and Effective Ways To Use Lead Scoring (aka the Flames) In Infusionsoft

My clients are one of my best sources for blog topics because: They are Infusionsoft customers. They are using the software. If they have a question about how/why something works in the system, many more people probably do too! Recently, I was demonstrating something in my application for a client and was asked: What are […]


You Can Too: How to pass hidden contact information from a broadcast email to a web form or landing page

In yesterday’s post I talked about how you can pass contact info from a broadcast email to your web form, landing page, order form or shopping cart. Today, I am going to show you one extra trick that allows you to keep the info you’re passing hidden. Check out the video below:     In […]


How to pass contact information from a broadcast email to a web form/landing page or order form/shopping cart

When you are prepping a link in an email, have you ever noticed this link: Before we go any further, note that the steps I’m going to show today are only for prepping Broadcast Emails. Take a peek at the tutorial below to learn how to pass info from a broadcast email to a web […]