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You may never run out of custom fields again with this trick!

If you have not realized it yet, you will realize it eventually (or now, as you read this!) We are limited to 100 Custom Fields in our Infusionsoft contact records. This means that you can create 100 fields that are totally created by you – name them whatever you want, place them in the Contact […]

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You Can Too: How to configure My Nav in Infusionsoft

Lately, I have been in a lot of new Infusionsoft applications and experiencing, “You don’t know how handy something is until you don’t have it handy”.   I have “My Nav” configured in my app to meet my needs which means I have it configured to display the links that take me to the spots […]

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10 Things An Infusionsoft Virtual Assistant Can Do For You

While I personally think that every Infusionsoft customer should know at least a little bit about the software, I also think that most – if not all – Infusionsoft customers could use the support of a Virtual Assistant to take care of the very import, albeit ticky-tack, things that need to get done in the […]


You Can Too: How to pass hidden contact information from a broadcast email to a web form or landing page

In yesterday’s post I talked about how you can pass contact info from a broadcast email to your web form, landing page, order form or shopping cart. Today, I am going to show you one extra trick that allows you to keep the info you’re passing hidden. Check out the video below:     In […]