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Why Your Business Needs To Be Like A Spicy Smoothie

I am the lead smoothie maker at our house and I must admit I have become quite good at it. Recently I bought my second smoothie maker because I wore the first one out. I’m proud to say that I no longer put things like ice cream in our morning smoothies but I will confess that I am all fruits, no veggies when I’m working like a mad scientist in the kitchen. I do use protein powder and according to the label on the package there is somehow all sorts of veggies in there. Funny how I don’t believe any food labels EXCEPT the protein powder label…

Regardless of what I am throwing into the blender, there is one ingredient that I ALWAYS include: ginger. I insist on spicy smoothies because I’m convinced ginger keeps colds away. This got me thinking about the most successful businesses – they always have a spicy side. They may love you, their customer, like their own child but they will draw the line in the sand when they have to. Call it self-preservation or smart business or moxie – or spicy. Here are 5 reasons why your business needs to be like a spicy smoothie:

Standing out from the crowd.

We all think we have the most unique business on the planet but usually we don’t and when our potential customers are looking for solutions to their needs, the companies that are doing something to stand out from the crowd will get their attention first. Examples of standing out from the crowd may include running Facebook ads or better yet running Facebook ads with really good images and copy, making entertaining (and useful) online videos, and walking your talk (think Undercover Boss).

Making a bold statement.

One Christmas my nephew told everyone that he was getting a police car from Santa. The kind of car that a kid can sit in and drive around. Not cheap. Not something Santa can always bring children. But my nephew was getting a police car from Santa. He told his parents. Then he told my mom. He told me too. Finally he told the head honcho – Santa. He was bold and he had spice. Napoleon Hill talks about “definite purpose” in Think And Grow Rich – believe something, take action every day, and don’t give up until you reach the goal. And yes, my nephew got that police car from Santa – Santa wasn’t about to challenge that spicy smoothie!

Staying one step ahead.

Much of my consulting work is with businesses who use Infusionsoft. I know the software inside and out and I have talked to enough business owners over the years to know that there are ultimately a handful of online marketing strategies that they want to employ. So, I know how to stay one step ahead of most businesses:

When businesses are gearing up to send their first email blast out of the system I prepare them for the 16 hour throttle they are most likely about the walk into and suggest their first email not be time sensitive.

Also when people decide to build on to their campaign that has old contacts sitting in it I let them know what’s going to happen to those contacts when they hit the Publish button.

Or when businesses use a web form to collect guest info for an event I prepare them that they are about to create a new contact record and the other contact is going to continue to get reminders to document their guest info unless they build a plan to deal with that.

Am I trying to be a know-it-all? Nope – I’m trying to stay one step ahead of the plan and that’s where value in working with me can really shine through.

Doing what’s best.

I really did used to put ice cream in our smoothies. In business I would love to say “yes” to every inquiry that comes my way. It’s way more fun to do stuff that’s easy and makes people happy. But ice cream in our breakfast smoothies what not what was best and neither is taking on every inquiry I receive because there is some revenue to be had. You have to do things in a way that are best for your business and best for those you are trying to serve.

Doing what’s right – even when it’s tough.

I often find myself speaking up for others because I can’t stand when people are pushed around and they can’t stand up for themselves. I actually hate doing it because I don’t dig conflict – and usually when  you call out another person or business for not treating others right there is going to be some conflict. But we have to do what’s right – even when it’s tough. If I look out for others, hopefully one day someone will look out for me.

Interested in knowing my favorite smoothie recipe? Here it is…

Almond milk
1 peeled kiwi
1 peeled Cutie orange
1/2 banana
Frozen cherries
1 small chunk of fresh ginger
1 scoop vanilla vegan protein powder

Blend well and enjoy!

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