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2 Steps To Gmail Sync For Infusionsoft Success

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Last week I spent some time with an Infusionsoft customer at their office doing some training on the software. We ran across something that I see happen so many times that I know there is a gap in the official how-tos. This in turn lets me know that I have a new blog post to write to help Infusionsoft users everywhere!

The Infusionosoft Sync For Gmail is a really helpful tool. I know the reviews in the Marketplace are not-so-hot, but those less than stellar reviews of this free app has not been my personal experience with the tool. As they name suggests, the app syncs your emails sent from Gmail into the email history of the person you are emailing’s contact record in your Infusionsoft application. No contact record for that person? No problem! You can set up a new Infusionsoft contact record right from your Gmail screen and you can also do other cool things like add a tag (which in turn can launch a campaign in Infusionsoft if you have set your campaign up to start when that particular tag is applied). One of my team members is very dedicated to using the Sync and it makes it easy for her to email back and forth from Gmail and also easy for me to track what is going on in projects because I can see the email history inside of Infusionsoft.

The gap that I often see with people trying to use this app is that they install it and then the emails do not sync and they in turn think the app is not working. My guess is that many of the negative reviews in the Marketplace were a reaction to the cause/effect I just described. The fix every single time I have reviewed this for a customer is to finish the setup process…

Step 1:

Install the app. To do this, you will want to open the Infusionsoft Marketplace in your Chrome or Firefox browser. Not in Internet Explorer and not in Safari. Why? Because the app does not work on these two browsers.

Next, you click the button to install the app.

If you did this in Chrome and you also want the app to show up when you access Gmail in Firefox, repeat the 2 steps I mentioned above using the Firefox browser. To be clear: Installing it to one browser does not install it to the other browsers too. Not ever. So keep this in mind and plan accordingly.

Alrighty, that was Step 1. This is typically where people stop. I would stop too because at this point the Infusionsoft sidebar will show up in your Gmail account and everything is looking good!

The problem is that at this point, the sync is not set up yet. BIG piece of the puzzle…

Step 2:

Log in to your Infusionsoft Sync sidebar.

Open Gmail and click on the Settings icon in the Infusionsoft sync sidebar:

gmail sync

Click on “My Settings”.

Click on “My Email Sync Settings”.

Click on “Enable Sync”.

Log in to your Gmail account so the 2 accounts can officially sync up.

THIS is the missing piece for so many customers. I believe that this missing piece has caused people to give up on using the Sync, think the Sync does not work, think the Sync is stupid, you name it.

If this describes you, I encourage you to revisit the Sync now that you know about “Step 2”. This tool is so very handy for Infusionsoft users who use Gmail – I would hate for you to miss out on the convenience!

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