3 strategies for gathering feedback (and rave reviews!) from your customers using Infusionsoft

Earlier this week, I mentioned gathering testimonials from happy customers in the context of tapping into “low hanging fruit” opportunities in business. Today, I am going to elaborate on 3 great (and easy!) strategies for gathering testimonials and referrals using your Infusionsoft app: Make it part of every campaign. If you strive to always build […]


How to import more than one list at once in Infusionsoft (and still have a segmented list)

We have all been there: We need to move a database from one email marketing software to Infusionsoft. Typically, less robust email marketing systems set up lots of lists within the system based on the various opt ins. Someone could be on the list for the newsletter, on the list for the eBook, on the […]


5 Common Challenges That Using Infusionsoft SOLVES For Small Businesses

New Infusionsoft customers that work with me know that I kick off our first call asking the following question: “How did we get here?” What I mean when I ask that question is: What made you decide to invest in Infusionsoft as your marketing automation solution which led to this training call that we are […]